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CS4246 Module Review, explore vs exploit

CS4246 Module Review – AI Planning and Decision Making

CS4246 Module Review – AI Planning and Decision Making (16/17 Sem 1)


  • One of the hardest and most theoretical module I have taken in NUS
  • The content is a mixture of classical concepts and cutting edge research topics
  • Project is also very theoretical, involving more conceptual understanding and reading of research papers rather than implementation.
  • Midterm is very early, before recess week. Final exam is even earlier, before exam week. That is why the CORS says the module has no exam, when there is in fact a final exam.

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Game Theory in Project Team Formation

Game Theory in Project Team Formation

Recently I wrote a review for CS3216. In that post, I briefly touched on the issue of team formation where sub-optimal teams can be formed due to incomplete information and lack of communication. In this post I will explore further on the topic of Game Theory in Project Team Formation, using concepts of Nash Equilibrium and Pareto Optimal. This also serves as a nice example of game theory application in real life.
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