I am Zhu Liang, INTJ, software engineer, street photographer.

I love blogging and building things.

Most recent projects:

I am fascinated by Tessellation and Islamic Patterns.

Contact me at zhuliangg11(at)gmail.com.

More about me:

The Good

  • Patient: I am very very very patient with things.
  • Independent: I like to be independent as much as possible. If something can be done without getting help from others, I will do it on my own.
  • Task-oriented: I am good at completing specific tasks given to me, however I am not good at guessing the requirement.
  • Quantifying: I like quantified things, such as rankings, scores, points.

The Good/Bad

Tell me how you feel about them.

  • Joke: I like to joke about things and sometimes people take my jokes too seriously and I get into troubles.
  • Contradictory perspectives: I like to consider things from different stands(perspectives of people from different backgrounds), even if some of them are contradictory to mine.
  • Perfection, forever: I like things that are perfect or work forever, without the need to amend them. e.g. date format as 29/Apr/2014AD.
  • Own principles: I follow principles that I could justify by myself, and expect others to follow them as well.
  • Protect the weak: I find it natural to help the weaker party or side, regardless of the situation.
  • Challenge: I like to try things that I’m not good at as a challenge.
  • Commitment: I don’t like to be committed to something.
  • Happy: I am almost always happy.
  • Special / Different: I am almost always the special / different one in any occasions and settings.

The Bad

Help me do better at these.

  • Ontological arrogance: I demonstrate ontological arrogance, according to someone who talked to me.
  • Myopic: I am not good at getting the bigger picture or thinking of long-term goals.
  • Over-promise, under-deliver: I have a tendency to give a promise that sounds great and later procrastinate and deliver something less impressive or miss the targeted deadline.
  • Pretend to be good: I find it hard to admit that I am not good at something even though I know it.
  • What I want: I don’t know what I want, that’s why I keep delaying the decision.

The Interesting

  • I am interesting enough for you to read until this part of the page 🙂
  • I call myself 16x engineer for personal branding. I also own the 16x.engineer domain.
  • I suggested CSS fixes to stackoverflow and phabricator.
  • I got myself a granted patent (US9984148B2) on visualization when interning at IBM.
  • My handle, paradite is a portmanteu of paradise and parasite. Depending on your personality and mood, you may read it as different words.

Drivers and Motivations

  • I am driven by curiosity and self-expression.
  • In 2022, I left my high-paying software engineer job to pursue startup.
    • I want to understand how tech companies are able to make so much money (business side of things), and how much value I can create on my own (instead of being a part of a big corporation).
    • I want to build my own products and share my ideas with the world.


  1. “paradite is a mashup of paradise and parasite”. use the word “portmanteu” instead of “mashup”.it suits better what you are trying to convey

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