Nutmeg dropping in First Light

Nutmeg not dropping from herbs in New World – Solution

Nutmeg is an important ingredient for cooking in New World and it can be harvested from herbs or obtained from provisions chests. However, you might encounter an issue where Nutmeg not dropping from herbs.

Location matters for farming Nutmeg

The problem here is the location where you harvest the Nutmeg. There are several posts on the Internet on how to farm Nutmeg, but they provide the wrong information.

Let’s clear this up. A lot of posts claim that you can get Nutmeg from Windsward. This is wrong!

I have done an experiment in Windsward, collecting herbs for 30 minutes straight without dropping a single Nutmeg.

Windward - Nutmeg not dropping

Windward - Nutmeg not dropping 2

It is clear that Nutmeg DO NOT drop from Windsward. Instead, you only get Mint, Ginger and Thyme.

Where does Nutmeg actually drop from herbs?

From my own testing, the only place to reliably obtain Nutmeg is First Light. And the drop rate is pretty good here.

In my experiment, I tried harvesting herbs in the area south of Hoff Point for 10 minutes.

Area south of Hoff point in First Light

And I was able to gather 12 Nutmegs from First Light in 5 minutes.

Nutmeg dropping in First Light

Nutmeg dropping in First Light


12 Nutmeg in 5 minutes

Where exactly do herbs spawn?

That’s a good question. I have been relying on the New World map website for this. It has a decent interactive map showing locations of all sorts of materials, including herbs.

Just filter by herbs and you are good to go:

New World map - filter by herbs

I found that some spots are missing for animals on the map, but for herbs it is more or less complete.

Hopefully this clears up the confusion about Nutmeg not dropping from herbs. Have fun gathering and crafting in New World.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions on where to find Nutmeg.

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