Level up Armoring in New World

Best Way To Level up Armoring in New World with little Linen

If you are levelling up armoring using Medium/Light armor, you are probably running low on Fiber and Linen. Recently I found the best way to level up Armoring in New World without a ton of Linen.

Here is how:

The traditional way – tier 2 leather-based crafting

In the traditional way, you are probably crafting tier 2 Medium armors for levelling armor. This uses more leather and less cloth. Crafting one of these grants 216 Armoring experience for 6 Linen:

Level up Armoring in New World using tier 2 pants

This means that you are getting 36 experience in armoring for each Linen (216/6 = 36).

What about tier 3 leather-based crafting?

On the other hand, if you check the default tier 3 leather pants, they cost 6 tier 3 cloth materials (Sateen) and give 540 experience in armoring.

Level up Armoring in New World using tier 3 pants

If we check out the conversion from tier 2 Linen to tier 3 sateen, it is a 4 to 1 ratio.

Converting 4 Linen to 1 Sateen

So all in all, you are spending 24 Linen (turning to 6 Sateen) for 540 experience in armoring.

This translates to 22.5 experience in armoring for each Linen (540/24 = 22.5), which seems to be worse than crafting tier 2 pants.

The magic part!

However, this is where the magic comes in. You can change the cloth being used for tier 3 pants from Sateen (tier 3) to Linen (tier 2)!

Change cloth material in tier 3 pants

After we change the cloth to Linen, this is the new crafting preview:

Best Way To Level up Armoring in New World - tier 3 pants with tier 2 cloth

You can see that for the same 6 Linen, we are getting 540 armoring experience, as compared to 216 armoring experience from tier 2 pants.

This means we are getting 90 experience in armoring for each Linen (540/6=90). This is 2.5x experience compared to crafting tier 2 pants.

This table summaries the difference methods and their experience yields:





(Corse Leather)

Armoring Experience

Exp per Linen

Tier 2 Leather Pants





Tier 3 Leather Pants





Tier 3 Leather Pants with tier 2 cloth





The two downsides of this methods are:

  1. You spend more leather
  2. You get slightly lower gear score from the crafted gears

However, in the current state of the game it is much easier to obtain leather than cloth so point 1 is not a big issue.

For leveling up armoring skills, we also don’t care too much about the gear score since we are going to salvage them anyways so point 2 is also not a concern.

In summary, crafting tier 3 Medium armor with tier 2 cloth gives you 2.5x experience in armoring, so this is the best way to level up Armoring in New World.

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Have fun leveling up armoring in New World and enjoy this awesome new MMO.

If you have suggestions, please leave comments below. Also check out my other new world tutorials and guides.


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