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Active projects:

16x Prompt – Compose prompt for coding tasks

16x Engineer – Career progression and personal growth for software engineers

AI Simulator (Jan 2021 – Now) – AI-themed simulation games

AI Simulator: 2048

AI Simulator: Robot

Retire 35 (June – Sept 2021) – Early retirement and financial freedom planner

Older projects:

 Web Applications

vue2048 (Dec 2020) – 2048 game with an auto solver

JS By Example (July 2020) – JS Documentation By Example

gent (Oct 2019) – Generate the “perfect” title/bio for LinkedIn and Twitter

 techspeak (Nov 2018) – Generate random sentences with tech terms

 hn-ratio (Dec 2017) – Hacker News ranked by Comment/Score ratio

 tf-idf-keyword (Nov 2017) – Get keywords from a piece of text using tf-idf

 A*genda (Oct – Nov 2016) – Modern, Interactive Agenda for event organizers and participants

 Find My Home (Mar 2016) – Hackathon Project for NUS Data Science Challenge

  • Map visualization of key housing-related metrics for different regions in Singapore
  • In charge of front-end map rendering and data visualization

 gitviz (Jan – Feb 2016) – Side project

 Sudoku Solver (June 2015) – Weekend project

 RuntimeViz (Feb 2015, occasionally updated) – Personal side project

 Gestfly (Jan 2015) – Hackathon project for NUS Hack&Roll 2015 by NUS Hackers

 Graphpedia (June – Aug 2014) – Project for SoC Orbital Programme

  • A node.js web app to help visualize the relationships between technical terms
  • 4000+ Unique Page views in 2015
  • Role: In charge of backend, visualization and some parts of front-end framework
  • Skills: node.js, express, jade, neo4j, d3.js, Stack Exchange API, mongoDB
  • Link to blog post
  • GitHub repo:

Mobile Applications

 3D Sym Op (Oct – Dec 2015) – Collaboration project between NUS School of Computing and Department of Chemistry from Faculty of Science


  • An Android app designed to visualise the symmetry elements and operations on molecules of various point groups in 3D
  • 10k+ installs, 4.6/5 Rating of 200+ reviews
  • Role: In charge of main logic and UI of Android app
  • Skills: Android, Android UI Libraries, OpenGL
  • Link to app in Play Store (not available anymore)

 Whatsoever (Oct 2014) – Personal side project

  • An Android app that allows user to perform keyword search on social media sites anonymously.
  • Role: In charge of everything
  • Skills: Android, HTTP request, JSON parsing, Android L Widgets(CardView and RecyclerView), Twitter API, Google+ API, Instagram API
  • GitHub repo:
  • Link to app in Play Store

 Card Safe (Aug 2014) – Personal side project

  • An Android app that manages passwords and personal information using NFC-enabled cards
  • Role: In charge of everything
  • Skills: Android, SQLite, NFC reading(NfcA, Mifare and IsoDep)
  • Link to blog post
  • Link to app in Play Store

 Animol (June – Aug 2014) – Collaboration project between NUS School of Computing and Department of Chemistry from Faculty of Science

  • An Android app to fetch and display Chemistry experiments from the server.
  • Role: In charge of Android app for the project
  • Skills: Android, SQLite, Android HTTP request, Google Cloud Messaging(GCM), Google APIs
  • Link to blog post

 Black Hole (July 2012) – Competition entry for Game Development Competition organized by NUS Students’ Computing Club

  • An Android arcade game
  • 10,000+ installs
  • Role: In charge of designing the main game mechanism and implementing it with Android canvas.
  • Skills: Android, Android Canvas, Google Play services
  • Link to the app in Play Store

Blogs (2013 – now) – My personal blog with WordPress CMS on Digital Ocean VPS

  • Posts about web, programming, technology, module reviews and other interesting topics
  • Over 23,000 unique pageviews in 2018, with 2.5 mins average time on page (I started working and photography…)
  • Over 22,000 unique pageviews in 2017, with 3 mins average time on page
  • Over 10,000 unique pageviews in 2016

 Open Source Project Contributions

Contributor on GitHub for

  • – Top JavaScript framework for realtime communication, 15 million downloads in 2015
  • Teammates – Web peer evaluation platform, used by over 700 institutions worldwide
  • MediumEditor – Popular text editor library for web applications

Chrome Extension

 Trello No Strikethrough (June 2016) – Quick UI Fix

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