Dyson Sphere Program advanced tips on layout and efficiency

Dyson Sphere Program is a well-made game with a lot of features. Given the sheer depth of the game, there are some hidden features and advanced tips that you might have missed.

1. Save space with different splitter patterns

Splitters can have different patterns (types) apart from the default one, and they are useful for saving space in a compact layout. Press Tab key when building to select different patterns.

One of the 3 patterns is the 2-level-crossing-over. You can use it for a cross over design that saves some space.

Below is an example where I used it in a tiny spot to manage my Titanium alloy production line!


You can also move up goods up one level with just the splitter, without using the long-winded conveyor belts. Here’s an example of using a 2-level splitter to solve the space constraint issue with magnetic coil production:


This is yet another example of using a crossing-over 2-level splitter for titanium ingot transportation:



2. Automatically balance production lines with splitter Priorities

Don’t forget that you can set priorities on your splitters, for both input and output, which can solve some supply and demand imbalance issues.

Output priority

For example, you want to make sure you have enough hydrogen for producing red cubes, but also want supply the extra ones for other purposes, you can use a splitter with output priority set for research facilities:


Input priority

If you have oil refineries but want to supplement the production rate of refined oil downstream, you might cause the refined oil to stack up inside oil refinery and stop the production of hydrogen, which is an undesired side effect.

In this case, you can use a splitter with input priority set to use the refined oil from oil refineries first before using any supplements:


3. Connect storage space on upper levels

You can connect your storage boxes on upper levels to conveyer belts with splitters. This enables more efficient use of space in tight environments like this:

However, do note that only items on the connected level will be transported out the storage, so you probably need to set level 1’s capacity to zero for items to get out before getting level 1 filled.


4. Transport raw iron and other ores using logistic stations

You might be tempted to build a bunch of smelters around a newly discovered area of iron veins or copper veins. However it takes a lot of time to build these smelters and the veins will eventually dry up and your smelters will become useless.

Therefore, it is better to have dedicated smelting area for each type of raw ore and transport the raw ores to these locations using planetary logistics station or interstellar logistics station.

For example, you can setup smelting areas for iron ingots and magnets, then transport raw iron/copper ores to these smelting areas. Old veins that are drying up are excellent choices for such locations as the smelters are already built.


5. Bunk Delete

You can press shift key while deleting to bulk delete the things connected to it. Also, don’t worry about deleting the wrong stuff, as the game is usually quite smart in figuring out what you want to delete.

Leave a comment if you spot anything incorrect or other cool tips. Also watch out for this post for more tips to be added!

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