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Singapore SM1 scholarship

SM1 Scholarship – 初三毕业赴新加坡留学奖学金 (Migrated from Baidu)

This post is an overview the SM1 Scholarship for my juniors and the general public.


Unfortunately, Baidu Space (百度空间), where I hosted my old blog in Chinese, has been shut down. All my posts are now stored in Baidu Yun and are NOT publicly available. So I decided to moved them here into my self-hosted site, and hopefully this will be the last time that I am moving my posts.


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Quick thoughts on Amos Yee

Evaluating Amos Yee as a person

  1. He is special, perceiving things differently from his peers and the social norms.
  2. He is logical, basing arguments on his observations and facts gathered elsewhere.
  3. He is emotional, adding unnecessarily strong emotional words to his arguments.
  4. Some sources suggest that he is suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder. While this might be the case, I believe the line between having the disorder and having a very special personality is very thin. (updated on 1 Apr)

*I drew some of the observation from the other video of him:

Explaining why the video (on LKY)

  1. By mixing arguments with obviously offensive words, he is able to draw people’s criticism to the latter. In comparison to the insults, his arguments will appear more valid. Therefore, when people are criticizing him, they will be compelled to accept his arguments, at least partially.
  2. He needs to get lots of attention for his future filming career. This could be the fastest, cheapest way to do it. Although extremely risky, the video is the best way to express himself to the largest audience possible. It may attract people who appreciates his talents.

News stories on the Amos Yee incident

  1. Amos Yee, who made insensitive remarks on Christianity in video, arrested – ST  30 March, 2015
  2. YouTuber Amos Yee charged, bail set at S$20,000 – CNA 31 Mar 2015
  3. (Update) Teen blogger Amos Yee granted US asylum 25 Mar 2017

Some comments on working in Singapore

I found what was said in this video having some points similar to what I have made in the previous post about what I value.

Basically, the idea of working for money or becoming successful is driving this society into something that I don’t really like.

People should choose what they want to do because they have passion or interest in it, and it has some sort of value to the society, not just bringing money or material goods to oneself.