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Fixing WordPress Image Sizes missing issue on Ubuntu 16.04

While I was trying to upload some new photos onto my blog, I realized that all my photo sizes are gone. I use different sizes in blog posts and final tiles gallery as my portfolio so they are pretty important for me.

Uninstalling Simple Image Sizes and WP Smush did not help. Updating WordPress and all plugins to the latest did not help as well. So it had to be my Upgrading Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 for WordPress that messed it up. Continue reading

Upgrading Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 for WordPress

So today I decided to take on an adventure of updating my WordPress from an ancient 4.x to 5.x.

I did my due diligence of backing up and take a snapshot from DigitalOcean (my VPS service provider) and then started the risky process. The WordPress upgrade itself was relatively smooth with no issues. Little did I know that I was jumping into something more serious… Continue reading

Guide on How to Test React Apollo components with Enzyme

Testing React Apollo components with Enzyme

Update on 12 Sept 2018:

React Apollo introduced official documentation on testing in June 2018:

You can still read my original post below, which includes Enzyme specific techniques that is not covered in official docs.

Despite its popularity, React Apollo client has no good documentations on how to do testing for React Apollo components with Enzyme.

The only documentation that I found online for testing React Apollo component is a comment from React Apollo team on GitHub, and it is not using Enzyme.

So how do you test React Apollo components with Enzyme? And perhaps more importantly how do you get access to the inner component wrapped by React Apollo as a higher-order component (HOC) to mock its functions and verify its behaviours? Continue reading