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Fixing WordPress Image Sizes missing issue on Ubuntu 16.04

While I was trying to upload some new photos onto my blog, I realized that all my photo sizes are gone. I use different sizes in blog posts and final tiles gallery as my portfolio so they are pretty important for me.

Uninstalling Simple Image Sizes and WP Smush did not help. Updating WordPress and all plugins to the latest did not help as well. So it had to be my Upgrading Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 for WordPress that messed it up. Continue reading

Upgrading Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 for WordPress

So today I decided to take on an adventure of updating my WordPress from an ancient 4.x to 5.x.

I did my due diligence of backing up and take a snapshot from DigitalOcean (my VPS service provider) and then started the risky process. The WordPress upgrade itself was relatively smooth with no issues. Little did I know that I was jumping into something more serious… Continue reading

[Solved]Get back Grub in Windows 8.1

I was using grub to dual boot my Lenovo Y410P with Windows 8 and Ubuntu 14.04.

Recently I finally decided to upgrade my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 considering it should be pretty stable by now. However, to my horror(or rather not surprisingly), my default bootloader has been changed to Windows Bootloader which means I could not access my Ubuntu 14.04.

Usually this takes a while to fix, involving repairing grub/BCD and tend to be tedious. However, I managed to found a much simpler and direct solution to this.

With the new UEFI specification, we can actually choose the default boot manager instead of replacing one with another. All it takes is to go to UEFI Firmware settings and change the order of boot managers. Which means grub and Windows boot manager can co-exist somewhere in the hard disk and we can choose which one to use in the BIOS UEFI settings.

Accessing UEFI settings in Windows 8.1 is a bit different from what happens in Windows 8, you can follow these links:



The menu is something like this:

UEFI Settings

UEFI Settings

One you are in the UEFI boot priority settings, you can simply change the position of Ubuntu to the top so that grub will load when the PC is turned on:

UEFI Boot order priority setting

UEFI Boot order priority setting

(All photos taken by me)



[Solved]Ubuntu 13.04 Blankscreen on boot problem

Today I booted to my Ubuntu but it welcomed me with a blank screen without any light from the screen.

I thought it is the normal brightness and back-light problem so I tried to turn up brightness level from keyboard but nothing happened.

Then when I tried to adjust volume using keyboard, I was surprised(or rather not surprised) to hear the usual sound effect from Ubuntu system. So I was assured that the system has been booted properly and the only problem is that the screen did not show up.

Intuitively, I thought of the possibility that the screen is actually “turned off” the same way as the brightness was set to zero on boot. With that I tried to press the keyboard combination to “turn on” the screen, which is “Fn+F2” (for my Lenovo Y410P).

And yes, I got back my Ubuntu desktop. Pressing the keys again will give me blank screen again(as expected since it is indeed designed to work).

No idea why the screen was initially turned off though.