What I Value

I only do things that I think is meaningful, in one way or another.

How do I justify meaningful can be subjective, generally I want to benefit the society that I am interacting with. This includes reducing conflicts, contributing to the advancement of the society and making other people’s lives more enjoyable.

I also want to make sure that the meaningful things allow me to be a better person, this includes gaining of knowledge that is relevant to me and the world that I am connected with, understanding new ideas that may prove to be useful or enlightening.

I want to minimize trouble for others due to my action

This is pretty self-explanatory. However, I do take this very seriously. If I realize that my action will cause some trouble for others, I will try to avoid it. And I do this deliberately. For instance, If I realize the bus cannot accommodate all the people at the station and I am not in a rush, I would step back and allow people to board the bus first.

Motivation for work is to create value, not to earn money.

I do my work because I see its significance or value. Money or other forms of rewards are just a recognition of my efforts, no the motivation behind my work.

I don’t like the idea of choosing jobs based on the salary rather than the values that can be created.

I don’t like people who want to become bankers or investors because they want to become rich.

Living in a society of meritocracy, I believe the reward for me would be proportional to the value that I created. Hence, by creating values, I would be able to get sufficient money for my life.

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