New Sem!

Today is the official first day of my second semester as a CS undergrad in NUS.

I am happy that I have secured all my modules without much trouble unlike many others who have to appeal or send emails to get their modules.

I am also glad that for all my modules, there are some friends who are taking together with me. I used to like doing things alone but I feel that having the correct friends may be a better experience.

As I have planned, I would shift more focus onto studies and only a few other activities.

I hope I could learn something useful from all the modules,  but not study hard just to get good grades for the modules.

Taking easy modules to get good grades or being forced to take hard modules because they are  are core modules, these are not the correct mindset.

What is the point of going through  university if you do not come out as a better person in terms of knowledge and skills that you want?

Therefore, I believe choosing a module is like picking a skill that you want to equip yourself with, so that you are better than others who are not taking this module. That is how people become specialized in certain fields and achieve something others could not.

Back to main track, I believe all the CS modules would be able to give me better understanding of different aspects of computer science, and that is exactly what I want to know the most.

Computing Club, on the hand, can offer me chance to develop something that is useful for the student population and the same time, improving my technical skills and inter-personal skills.

A great semester awaits ahead!

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