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New World Fishing Hotspot Not Working? White Whirlwinds (Puddles) – New Fix

Fishing is becoming quite popular in New World. And fishing hotspots are very useful for fishing as they provide bonus to fishing and reduced waiting time. However, sometimes players see a white whirlwind / puddle in the fishing hotspot, instead of the usual fish “popping out of water”. Does it mean the fishing hotspot is not working? Here is New World fishing hotspot white whirlwinds / puddles explained below.

Update 4 Nov 2021:

  • The 1.05 patch fixes issue of message “Landed on hotspot!” should be fixed.

New World Update 1.0.5 fishing message fix

When you approach a popular fishing hotspot, it might look something like this:

New World Fishing Hotspot White Whirlwinds / Puddles

This white whirlwinds (white puddle) simply means that the fishing hotspot is not “active”, i.e. an “inactive fishing hotspot”.

This works in the same way as other resource nodes such as ores where you can see the bits and pieces of the ores on the ground but you can’t mine them. It means the resource has been collected by someone else. And it is waiting for respawning.

I have done testing on the fishing hotspot respawn timer as well. The typical respawn time for fishing spot is 10-20 minutes, and it will become an “active fishing hotspot” again.

You can tell if it is active by confirming these 4 things (updated on 4 Nov):

  • May not work due to delay in visual updates – Check that there are fish popping out of water in the circle.
  • Currently bugged and not showing up – When you land your fishing hook into the circle, the game will show a “Landed on Hotspot!”
  • 100% works – Very short waiting time for the hook ready message
  • 100% works – Frequent appearance of better fish (green and blue ones)

New World Fishing Hotspot White Whirlwinds / Puddles active

If you see no fish popping out of water and no message saying you landed on hotspot, that simply means the fishing hotspot is not active yet. You just have to wait patiently until it becomes active again.

So that’s New World Fishing Hotspot White Whirlwinds / Puddles explained. Have fun fishing and finding fishing hotspots in New World. And enjoy this awesome new MMO.

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