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d3.js app structure

d3.js app structure – separating concerns

d3.js is a popular JavaScript library mainly used for front-end visualization. There are a lot of examples on how to use it, but there are very few resources that talks about d3.js app structure, i.e. how to break down the app into modular components. In this blog post, I will use my project for visualizing contributions on GitHub to demonstrate the d3.js app structure that I like to use. Continue reading

Web App

Web App is Not Simple – List of web technologies

Web App – The Beginning

When I was JC2 long time ago, web app was simple. When I googled for a tutorial on how to build a web app, the approach that I came up with was:

  • Proprietary server to host the app. I used Union Server because it has documented examples.
  • HTML, CSS, jQuery UI for the front-end user interface. (It seems that nobody uses jQuery UI anymore)
  • jQuery, JavaScript for handling user interactions.

Since the proprietary server has a JavaScript client, with very easy to use APIs, the development was quite easy. I thought I had known everything that I need to know to become a web developer, but I was so wrong. Continue reading