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On Google again, with DuckDuckGo

A few days ago I posted a blog about how important Google really is, as a search engine. Apparently I was not the first one to discover that Google is not that great after all.

It turns out that there is this search engine called DuckDuckGo that existed for several years. I read it on Hacker News and here is a link about it.

Basically, it offers instant answers to the queries instead of links to other websites, although the instant answers are from other websites. Google apparently has similar features now so that is not really the most important feature of the search engine.

This search engine put much more emphasis on user’s privacy. It does not track search records, or IP addresses, it also has no user account system. Hence, it became quite popular for privacy-conscious people.

Anyway, I learnt something today and hope it goes well for this DuckDuckGo. However, I prefer to stick to Google for the exact opposite reason: It has my data. I believe in the customized searching experience in Google based on my profile, although it often means I need to see ads that are “relevant” to me.