Importing photos from Sony A7 III to iPad Pro 2018 (USB-C)

Can you transfer your photos from Sony mirrorless cameras like A7 III to the 2018 new iPad Pro?



Just connect them using a USB-C to USB-C cable (I am using the one from iPad Pro), and the Import screen pops up. It just works!

Is it importing raw or jpeg?

If the photo is shot in raw:

  • You will import it in raw.
  • Before installing Lightroom CC, you can only see the preview of the raw file in Photos app while trying to edit it will throw an error.
  • After installing Lightroom CC, the Photos app will be able to edit the raw file (Why???). You can freely import the raw file into Lightroom.

If the photo is shot in raw+jpeg:

  • You will import it as raw+jpeg.
  • You can only open jpeg in Photos and import raw into Lightroom CC. But NOT vice versa, even after getting Photos to support editing raw file (Why???).

Screenshots from iPad Pro:

Importing into Photos app

Info panel in Lightroom CC (for iPad version)

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