Planning for the holidays

Well, even though I do think no plans is perfectly fine, I’ve got to write something down as a reference in case one day I may be thinking”Hey, I actually have some free time, and I want to something productive!”

So the first set of events coming up are the two camps, NUSSU camp and the Computing Club MC Treat. Frankly speaking I don’t know how they well they can go but I guess I just have to enjoy it even though I am in a very awkward position to begin with.

Then I will be welcoming my parents to come to Singapore to visit me and tour around the city. Though I still don’t get why they need  7 days to do all these. I thought 5 days would be more than enough if they are not planning to work here. Anyway, I will have to guide them and be nice to them since I am acting like a host this time instead of the one being taken care of by them. What a shift huh!

Besides these fixed events, I have other interesting things on my plan as well.

I want to read the book that I bought for so long(at the beginning of the sem) but never had time to read – The Prince. Well, I haven’t been reading non-study related materials for a very long time and this is a good chance to pick it up.

And of course I want to do something related to programming. I am looking forward to learning technologies like node.js, and actually develop something for the computing club as part of my duty. (Though my duty was supposed to take charge of internal matters but I guess being actually involved in development is what I really want to do.) Other than programming, I also want to learn more video editing skills, particularly for AE, as I feel that it is becoming more and more popular and useful and it comes in handy whenever I want to do a promotional video or just a simple intro video.

Oh, and about social life. I will see how it goes. Still not sure who are the people that I can comfortably interact with and go out together. Hum, I shall see.

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