Root problem for the stressed life

Recently I feel extremely stressed with my life.

Project deadline for CS1231 is approaching.

I have to meet the expectations from my CCAs as well, my duties include video recording and editing for short film production by Chinese Drama, video screening in-charge for Temasek Hall VPU.

All these are on top of regular meeting for each of 4 CCAs that I am actively involved in, and of course lectures and tutorials for all my modules.

I am getting headache everytime when I think of these these tasks and I can’t concentrate on one task a time.

However, with a clearer mind at this point of time, I realized the root problem of all these.

If I think about those people who overload themselves with more than 6 modules or 5 CCAs, they are still coping well.

So the problem is obviously within me.

I assert that the problem is that I am just constantly spending time and effort thinking of my tasks and how troublesome they are without actually doing them.

My mind always occupied with all the tasks and they just keep appearing in my thoughts and make me feel that I have so many things to do. Then I end up feeling very tired just by constantly thinking of those things.

But actually, if I consider them individually, each of them is not that complicated to finish. What I really have to do is

Allocate a time for each task and focus on each task at one time without worrying about others.

Yes, that should be the correct way to organize me time. Clear my mind and stay focus.

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