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Orbital Project [Apollo 11] – Graphpedia

During the summer vacation, I joined the Orbital project in SoC. This is a module-bearing project for SoC freshmen to get some experience in developing real-life applications(mainly web app or mobile app).

The final product for my team is now hosted on Digital Ocean (initially on Heroku): https://viz.paradite.com/

This a team-based project so I partnered up with Dongyan. I was in charge of backend, routing and the visualization and she is in charge of UI and UX. Continue reading

End of Year 1, Start of holidays

Today is my last paper for sem 2 of year 1 in NUS.

Not a bad sem, but certainly can be better.

I slacked through most of the semester, playing osu! and dota2. I did go to the lectures and tutorials, most of them. I also tried making notes along the progress of the modules for both CS2100 and PC1143 which are more content heavy. I guess it helped during revision since I can recognize the terminologies and understand the concepts better.

Still, I did pretty badly for all exams because I did not really study as hard as last semester. During the reading week and exam week, I put most of the time doing travelling around the campus and sitting in front of computer playing games or browsing through other people’ lives.

Let me try to predict the grades while I still remember how I did for the finals:

For GEK1505, I never really studied but I guess the concepts are okay, final is a bit hard so I guess I can get B+.

CS2100 final is a disaster, I left almost half question blank because I got stuck at the first structured question. Given my “still okay” CA marks, I should be getting B+.

IS1103 is okay, I did not do well for the first individual assignment because I did not know it was graded, but final and term report are okay, this should also be a B+.

PC1143 is hard, I could understand the concepts but I could not solve most of the questions in final. Given that the percentage of final is not that high, I hope I could get at least a B.

And CS2020 should be fine, except for the final where I did not perform up to my standard, A or A-.

Holidays, as usual, is packed with agendas.

First thing on my mind is my peer mentor position at RVRC. As peer mentors, we are supposed to organize an orientation event for the freshmen, this could take a long time, especially considering the fact that we have only less than 20 people in total now and we are all not very experienced in organizing orientation. I guess I will just try my best to contribute ideas and do some videos for the events. And I may also want to be some kind of “game master”, it looked fun to me when I was an OG kid.

I also need to do an orbital project with my teammate. This should not be too hard once we have our ideas laid down. We could try to use some new tools like Meteor. Hopefully we can spend several weeks on this and get a nice and useful application done.

I am also planning to do an implementation project with my CS2100 lecturer on Android. It looks easy to code, so should not take too long as long as I am not one coding the back-end.

Then I could also do some projects for Computing Club if I have time to spare, such as the “module tree” app which guides you in choosing modules throughout entire uni life.

I hope the holidays does not end up being dota2 everyday. Haha.

About everything and nothing

I have been thinking about this issue of being everything and being nothing for a while.

In CS1231 lecture, the lecture mentioned a quote that is something like”A friend of everybody is a friend of nobody.”

I also realized during sem1 that “greedy algorithm does not work in university.”, trying to do a lot of things simply makes me incapable of achieving anything.

This is true for my CCAs, when I took up too many duties and responsibilities, I just simply cannot accommodate all of them into my schedule. When I have friends from totally different cliques that are very exclusive in nature, I found myself hanging in the air, not belonging to anywhere.

So it is ture that we must abandon something in order to achieve others?