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Bye Facebook

Bye Facebook

Facebook has been a part of my life for the past few years, but now it is the time to say goodbye.

This is a rather sudden decision as I just felt the urge to do this as soon as possible. However, I will attempt to rationalize the decision.

  • As a source of information, Facebook has done a good job in providing me with the latest updates on current issues, such as events happening in HK and Singapore. However, there are more reliable and convenient channels to obtain factual information, such as the BBC mobile app and local newspapers, so Facebook is not the best source for that.
  • As a way to share my opinions and engage in discussion, Facebook was a good platform. However, I have realized that debates on Facebook tend revolve around groundless claims, without factual backups and substantiations, understandably due to the “fast-food” nature of Internet. I used to enjoy arguing in this style and win the debate by some sort of sophistry but later decided to stop such meaningless acts.
  • As a way to connect with my friends, I don’t see Facebook helps, I do not really need to see their photos to stay connected, and most of the photos on Facebook are from “acquaintances” whom I do not care much. The messaging function may be something that I still use frequently, for people whom I do not have in Whatsapp contact. But I guess I just need a transition period before I get all my contacts to Whatsapp and WeChat.

All in all, the usefulness and reliance on Facebook is dropping for me. And I seem to have spent too much time randomly commenting on Facebook pages just to kill time. So why not take a break (hopefully a long one) and seek to do something more meaningful?

Bye Facebook.