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CS3216 Week 2 Updates

Ideas are really cheap?

Later year, I witnessed two CS3226 projects named NUSAnswers competing with each other. Never had I imagined that the same thing would happen to me in CS3216. We got the same idea as the other group. And we only found out after the the mid assignment submission. I never really liked competition, I am more of a peace kind of person so I avoid fighting with people as much as possible. This time as well. When our first attempt to negotiate and cooperate failed, my thoughts were not direct competition, but market segregation. Continue reading

CS3216 Week 1 – Ideation

This is the most hectic week 1 of my entire university life. And much of it is because of CS3216.

Ideas are cheap, until you run out of good ones

I thought I had this all covered by recording down my random interesting ideas into my phone for the past few years. But when I took out my phone and read through the long list of “ideas”, most of them sound ridiculous or impractical. We also discovered that some ideas buried in my phone already have working products in the market. There were some practical ones but not suitable for the short-period of time of 2 weeks, so we decided against them. Continue reading