Back to pitchings and ideas – CS3216 Week 5

With the conclusion of our first project, we are back to the phase of ideation. This time for the second project on developing a progressive web app. In the meantime, there is also pitching for the final project by external parties.

External pitching

This is where we as students finally get to be a judge for the ideas presented by others. The ones I found interesting are

  • Search engine for lawyers (making enhancements to the existing system)
  • Patient monitoring and alert app for caregivers
  • Crowdsourced travel information app for independent travellers

Although these ideas are not completely revolutionary and innovative, they do solve practical problems and meet the specific needs of the certain groups of people. I believe with good execution, they have the potential to become a successful products.

Idea for Assignment 3

In order to make sure our app fits the criteria of a progressive web app as well as taking advantage of it, we decided to make an augmented map for NUS. It would come with similar search experience you expect from Google Map, but with NUS specific locations and points of interests.

We feel that this idea both useful enough for the users and practical enough for us to implement in about 2-week’s time.

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