Tech Recruiter Uses Fake Command

Tech Recruiter Uses Fake Command in Cybersecurity Job Ad

The LinkedIn drama continues for me after digging up a free giveaway “scam” a few days ago.

This time I saw a tech recruiter sharing his colleague’s status update (advertisement):

LinkedIn Recruiter's Fake Command in Cybersecurity Job Advertisement

Uhm… An MNC looking to boost cybersecurity in Singapore… I wonder what company is that.

The screenshot looks legit at first glance. Finally a proper linux terminal, I guess? Not some Intel instruction set manual from some movie?

So let’s see what we have here. First line, okay, some output from the ps command, moving on… Wait, what is this “astu” command? I am no expert in linux or hacking, so maybe it is some rare commands that I didn’t know? Time to Google then.

It turns out… Surprise! The”astu” command is fake according to this blogpost and several other sources:

Fake "astu" command

Nice job, recruiter. You managed to fool me for 1 minute into believing this is a legitimate screenshot of activities related to cybersecurity.

Now does all of this matter? If someone who is really proficient and happen to be looking for a job sees this, would he or she mind this kind of fake screenshots being used for a job ad?

So here comes the biggest drama: The answer posted a day ago from the same guy that shared his colleague’s ad:

Recruiters need to know the business.

Recruiters need to know the business.

Apparently he also thinks it is important for the recruiter to do his/her due diligence.

And I agree with him completely on this one. I think for a recruiter to carry out its proper duty, he or she has to do some background research into the job to show that he or she is serious in the business. This act of using fake hacking screenshots for a cybersecurity job ad to me just seems careless and sloppy, and it reflects poorly on this person’s attitude towards his or her work.

Moreover, both of these guys work at Tech in Asia, which is a big YC-funded media, events, and jobs platform. This means they should have access to the necessary resources to get some legitimate hacking screenshot or at least some good illustration, instead of using a fake screenshot.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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  1. Chill, man. As soon as I saw fsociety I know it’s from Mr. Robot already. Maybe the recruiter wanted to make this some insider joke, finding candidates who share similar taste of tech TV series etc?

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